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Chapters was founded to provide fun and healthy activities for people with disabilities, illness or injury.

The organisation's leader, Niki Fowler is a skilled organiser with extensive experience in the sector and local government, pays close attention to detail and ensures that every aspect of a planned event is ready, and all eventualities are covered.

Our Activities

Learn life's lessons through engaging activities

Chapters have got you covered with thrilling outdoor adventures, artsy and crafty creations, energising exercise sessions, and social events that rock, like our epic discos.

With activities tailored to suit every ability and interest, there's never a dull moment at Chapters!

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Our Story

Get to Know Us

The team at Chapters has a wealth of experience and training in all aspects of Health and Safety, ensuring a safe environment for members and preparedness for unexpected emergencies.

How does it work?


Register your interest

Download the registration form by clicking the button below.

If you're having any issues please contact

Once downloaded follow

steps 2 and 3.


Send us your registration form

Once you have filled out your registration form, please send it to us via email on


Once accepted use your  password to book

 chapters event

If your registration form is approved we will send you an email with a password to book an event through the website. 

Disco Ball

Let us send you a registration form

Once you have filled out the below you will receive your registration form by email, please fill out your form and return it to us on

If you need some help please contact

Thank you! You should receive an email soon

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Our safeguarding policy

All staff and volunteers at Chapters are committed to the safeguarding and welfare of all children, young people and adults and we actively promote this in our work.


We will listen to any sensitive information you wish to share, with the utmost respect.


Any concerns will be shared firstly with the parent/carer, unless of course this will be detrimental to the welfare of the attendee.

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