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Meet Niki Fowler

Chapters founder

Niki has always had a love of exercise and keeping fit so when she lived in Turkey and found out that a young lady with additional needs wanted to go to an exercise class, she started her own class for the ex-pat community.


In the summer running aquarobics classes in the swimming pool whilst in the winter running a mixture of aerobics and circuit training classes. When she moved back to the UK and got a job with a charity supporting people with learning disabilities and other additional needs she was surprised to find that most groups who provided group activities were sitting around the table doing crafts or playing games.


Niki felt that within the groups the people needed to be far more active so developed a boot camp where each service user completed a circuit of simple exercises and was timed. Because of so many different abilities within the group they couldn't compete against each other so each week they had to try and beat their own last weeks' time.

Everybody within the group would be cheering them on to do well so it was a really positive experience for the service users. Chapters will use this experience and build on it. In the summer we will do exercise and activities outside in the fresh air whilst in the winter we will do more structured exercises in the hall.

Our vision is that when someone attends a chapters activity they will be engaged both mentally and physically.  Chapters philosophy is that members should enjoy a variety of fun activities throughout the session to keep their body and minds engaged and have the best possible time. Niki has replicated her previous experience in developing activities like healthy cooking, fun with music, sporting activities like boccia and tennis, and lots more.

Our Mission

Our mission at chapters is that all members, whatever their ability, will build self-esteem and self-confidence through fun learning activities and exercise to improve their mental and physical health in a place where they are valued and respected.

Our Values

Empowering through inclusion and embracing diversity

At our activity group, we embrace fun and respect, prioritize wellbeing and learning, and radiate compassion for all our members' unique needs.

Our Activities

Learn life's lessons through engaging activities

Chapters have got you covered with thrilling outdoor adventures, artsy and crafty creations, energising exercise sessions, and social events that rock, like our epic discos.

With activities tailored to suit every ability and interest, there's never a dull moment at Chapters!

Disco Ball

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